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We are a company dedicated to business technological consultancy and advise. Below we list a few of the services offered by Ztech, and the advantages of having Ztech as a strategic partner:

Assessment of the current technological infrastructure: Ztech analyzes all the technological tools and software used by your company in order to assess if there are any improvement opportunities for your daily operations. We can also check if the equipment and software are working properly and if any changes are required for your company to operate better.

IT strategic planning: We help you plan how to use IT in the future so as to meet your business goals and market needs. This entails analyzing how your computers, software and other technological tools can be used to improve your company’s operations.

System and software selection: Ztech gives your company advice on the selection of systems, software and infrastructure that meet your needs, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency and productivity.

System integration: Ztech assists your company in integrating IT systems, allowing the different departments and areas of your company to work together in an effective and efficient manner.

Technical support and maintenance: Ztech provides the best, most suitable tailor-made support, together with preventive and corrective maintenance of your company’s technological infrastructure, which helps minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency.

Further, we offer advisory services to assist you in taking the best decisions regarding infrastructure and technology, as well as customized technical support to resolve any emerging issues.

Advantages of having Ztech as a strategic partner:

Technical expertise: Ztech has highly qualified technical experts in different IT areas, which allows the company to have access to dedicated and up-to-date expertise.

Industry diversity: We work with a range of different industries, enabling us to implement the good practices from different types of organizations, rules and regulations, and replicate them to improve processes in all the companies.

Cost savings: Ztech can help your company to reduce IT costs, by identifying more efficient and more profitable solutions, and preventing costly mistakes.

Alignment with business goals: Working with Ztech, your company can ensure that its technological infrastructure and IT strategies are aligned with the company’s business goals and market needs.

Adaptability: Ztech can help your company adapt to the technological and market changes, ensuring that your company is always up-to-date and that it remains competitive.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity: By improving the technological infrastructure and processes, Ztech can help your company improve its efficiency and productivity, which translates into enhanced performance and profitability.

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This is a service that helps resolve technical issues, keep your systems up-to-date and working optimally.

Some of the benefits include enhanced staff productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced computer system security.

You can send an email message describing the issue your company is experiencing to our support team, and our dedicated technicians will work to solve the problem while keeping you informed on the resolution progress.

We provide assistance both on-premise and remotely. If you need help, our qualified technicians can visit your place of work, or connect to your computer remotely, in order to solve any issues.

Our technicians perform regular analyses of your equipment and systems to ensure these are up-to-date and working properly. They also take care of the installation and configuration of new software and hardware.

Our qualified technicians can resolve a wide range of technical issues, such as hardware failures, software problems, wrong set-ups, connectivity issues, among others.

Our goal is to provide a rapid and efficient response to all support requests. Response time may vary depending on the complexity of the problem, though we do our best to solve problems as quickly as possible.

At Ztech, we take information security very seriously. Our technicians implement robust security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the company’s data.

We do. We understand that problems may come up at any given moment. Therefore, we offer support services outside of the working hours in case of emergencies or critical situations.

You can contact our commercial team on our website, phone number or WhatsApp; you can also set up a meeting or send an email. The commercial team will provide you with detailed information and help you find a service plan suitable to your company.