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Our IT support services for businesses are designed to provide peace of mind and enable businesses to focus on what matters most: growing their business. As technological solution experts, we make sure that we keep your computer systems in perfect working conditions.

Why is it important to have a good IT support service?
Because a good IT support service allows employees to work efficiently and productively, minimizing downtime and the costs associated to technical problems. Regardless of the business size or system complexity, our technicians are qualified to solve incidents in a promptly and quickly manner.

Micro IT – Business help desk services include:

Ticket-based assistance: This service allows people with a computer or IT equipment problem to solve the issue by sending an email describing the problem. Support technicians receive the request, and work to solve the problem, keeping the user informed on the progress.

On-premise and remote assistance: We provide technical assistance on-premise and remotely. If you need assistance with your computer or IT equipment, a support technician can visit your place of work to solve the problem on-site, or connect to your computer to solve the issue remotely. This service helps reduce operational costs and time.

Preventive maintenance, and hardware and software updates: Dedicated service where technicians check the equipment and systems on a regular basis so as to keep them updated and in perfect working conditions. If a problem is found, the technician will solve it before it causes a failure in the system. The service also includes the installation and configuration of new software and hardware, in order to ensure these are supported by the system and run properly in the existing equipment.

Productivity: Having a good micro IT service allows employees to quickly solve technical problems that they may encounter in their equipment or software systems, and continue working without disruptions.

Cost reduction: By detecting and solving problems in a timely manner, higher costs may be prevented, and the equipment may be maintained in good working conditions. This helps reduce the money spent on repairs and new equipment acquisition.

Client stress reduction and improvement:  If the company depends on IT to do business, IT-related problems may have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Having a micro IT service to solve issues quickly can minimize negative impacts on customer satisfaction.

Increased security: This micro IT service also helps maintain the company’s IT systems secure. By detecting and quickly solving problems, malicious attacks may be prevented and the company information may be protected from being stolen or lost.

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This is a service that helps resolve technical issues, keep your systems up-to-date and working optimally.

Some of the benefits include enhanced staff productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced computer system security.

You can send an email message describing the issue your company is experiencing to our support team, and our dedicated technicians will work to solve the problem while keeping you informed on the resolution progress.

We provide assistance both on-premise and remotely. If you need help, our qualified technicians can visit your place of work, or connect to your computer remotely, in order to solve any issues.

Our technicians perform regular analyses of your equipment and systems to ensure these are up-to-date and working properly. They also take care of the installation and configuration of new software and hardware.

Our qualified technicians can resolve a wide range of technical issues, such as hardware failures, software problems, wrong set-ups, connectivity issues, among others.

Our goal is to provide a rapid and efficient response to all support requests. Response time may vary depending on the complexity of the problem, though we do our best to solve problems as quickly as possible.

At Ztech, we take information security very seriously. Our technicians implement robust security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the company’s data.

We do. We understand that problems may come up at any given moment. Therefore, we offer support services outside of the working hours in case of emergencies or critical situations.

You can contact our commercial team on our website, phone number or WhatsApp; you can also set up a meeting or send an email. The commercial team will provide you with detailed information and help you find a service plan suitable to your company.